Health & Human Resources Regional Council

The Health & Human Services Regional Council launched in March 2023. We are seeking members of this Council to represent every county north of Sacramento and up to the Oregon border. This Region will include all counties that wish to participate. The 13 counties now defined as the “Northstate” region by Economic Development groups will be our main focus. However, we aim to represent the entire rural and underserved region. Please sign up to participate in the Council in the blue box below.  The Council will meet virtually every quarter, starting in Q3 2023. E-newsletters will be sent 6 times a year.
Our objective is to find solutions to systemic, regional health and human services related issues such as:
  • Develop a regional dashboard for health needs assessments and health improvement plans
  • Regional data will help support large-scale funding efforts 
  • Healthcare Workforce Development and Education regional solutions
  • Addressing Human Trafficking
  • Drive initiatives that address health and mental health inequity
  • A quarterly forum to respond to new concerns
  • Support public health efforts
  • Find solutions for food insecurity and improve access to food
  • Develop community health fairs for prevention and screening in areas of greatest need


For any questions or further information, please contact Lisa Le, Project Coordinator, at