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Please note that we will begin to consider international applicants in the future after we successfully launch.

Community Psychiatry Residency Program Rotation

Rotation Name: Healthy Rural California Psychiatry Rotation

Contact information:

Length of Rotation & When the Rotation is Offered
Rotation length is 2-4 weeks and offered from March 2023 – indefinitely.

How to Apply
Please reach out at

Rotation Description 
Students will get experience working in the inpatient and outpatient setting with rural psychiatry patients. They will also gain experience with addictions and suicide safety team. This rotation will introduce students to the clinical area of underserved patients in a limited-resource environment.

Required Pre-requisites 
No prerequisites. 

Course Learning Objectives: 
a) Understanding the unique challenges of practicing psychiatry in rural settings

b) Understanding the patient demographics and issues in rural areas, including addictions and poor access to care

c) Becoming comfortable with interviewing and presenting patients in a rural inpatient setting

d) Getting experience providing care to continuity patients in the outpatient setting

Process for reviewing student interest in rotations:
a) A few experienced faculty/ admissions committee members serve as screeners and will work together to determine that the student meets the criteria for the rotation. An informal interview with the student will be conducted by the Program Director/Associate Program Director.

Process for offering feedback:
a) The site course director will meet with the students at the midpoint and end of the rotation to provide narrative feedback. Preceptors working with the student for more than three days will complete clinical performance rating/checklist with narrative assessment. The final grade will be determined by the course directors after collective review of clinical evaluations, and a final written evaluation including formative and summative feedback will be provided to the student.

Housing & Additional Information
AirBnb available above program office, potential for rooming with community members. Chico is a magnet to individuals seeking an environment where you can live and work while enjoying unparalleled access to outdoor recreation and the social spirit of an involved community. It is also the home to Bidwell Park, one of the largest urban parks in the world.

Sample Schedule 

Chico VA: The Chico VA Clinic, part of VA Northern California Health Care System, offers a
wide range of medical and ancillary services including primary care, audiology, laboratory,
mental health, nutrition, otolaryngology (ENT), pharmacy, social work and women’s health.

Willow Glen Care Center: Willow Glen Care Center provides transitional, short term and
long-term levels of residential care, and serves multiple levels of behavioral health
programming for adults and the elderly mentally ill.

Paradise Life Resources: A resource center for adult counseling, children, family
counseling, and couples looking for professional emotional and psychological support.

Healthy Rural California Community Psychiatry Resident Program – First Medical Student Rotation 

Natalie DeBell
MD Candidate, Class of 2024
UC Davis School of Medicine Rural PRIME