Health Equity Campaign

The Health Equity Social Media Campaign aims to explore how Health Equity could look not only in our communities but also in the Northern Region of California. The campaign highlights the different and unique health disparities that are experienced in the communities with hopes of possible future changes. The campaign consists of a variety of health topics that are discussed in focused interviews. The interviews produced are in video and article format. We greatly appreciate and send our thanks to the interviewees who volunteered their time to be a part of this campaign!

Video Interviews:

Click here for Dr.Robert Bernstein’s Global Health Equity Interview

Click here for Dr.Joanne Reid’s Pediatric & Rural Health Equity Interview

Click here for Jovanni Tricerri’s Butte County & Northern California Health Equity Interview

Click here for Shelly Brantley’s Tobacco Control & Rural Health Equity Interview

Click here for Kristy Bird MaKieve’s Access to Care & Workforce Development Interview

Article Interviews:

Click here for Dr.Chester Austin’s Tribal Health Equity Interview

Click here for Kyle Willman’s Butte County Health Equity Interview

Health Equity Mention:

Dr. Hector Rodriuez guest spoke at the Achieving Health Equity through Research and Organizational Change webinar hosted by Community Health Partnership and spoke about telehealth during his presentation. To advance Digital Health Equity, he mentions the need for more incentives for video visits, addressing language barriers, and ensuring broadband access by leveraging partnerships. We thought it’d be great to add and mention his knowledge of Digital Health Equity to the series!